• Surname History:
    1. A variant of mac fearadhaigh, which see. in the modern spoken language, this surname is sometimes corrupted to mac a' ríogh (son of the king) and accordingly anglicised king. see mag fhearadhaigh, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )
    2. Son of fiachra' (gen. fiachrach, but the genitive ending is now generally, if not always, dropped); the name (1) of a family of cinel eoghain, who were anciently chiefs of cinel fearadhaigh, in the barony of clogher, co. tyrone; (2) of a galway family who were chiefs of oga beathra, in the s.w. of co. galway; and (3) of a family in co. meath. the first two families were well represented in the 16th century and are still extant, but the meath family appears to be long extinct, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )
  • Sources:
    Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall An Sloinnteoir Gaeilge agus an tAinmneoir

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