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    1. Son of branán' (a diminutive of bran); the name of a great roscommon family, the head of which was chief of corca achlann, a large district in that county. they are said to be descended from the noble druid, ona, who granted the site of the church of elphin to st. patrick. they appear to have been also called Ó branáin (which see), and there is every reason to believe that the uí branáin who were erenaghs of st. patrick's church at elphin are a branch of this family. (see mac an airchinnigh). mac branáin is now generally, but not quite correctly, anglicised brennan, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )
    2. Descendant of branán' (diminutive of bran, a raven); the name of an ecclesiastical family in ulster, who were erenaghs of the church of derry and of derryvullan, co. fermanagh. they seem to have been also known by the synonymous surname of Ó branagáin, which see, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )
    3. Descendant of braonán' (diminutive of braon); the name of several distinct families, viz.: (1) Ó braonáin of ossory, the head of which was chief of ui duach, in the north of the present co. kilkenny, where the name is still very common; (2) Ó braonáin of crevagh in co. westmeath, a numerous and powerful clan; (3) Ó braonáin of siol anmchadha, of the same race as the o'maddens, seated in the barony of longford, in the south-east of co. galway, where they were still numerous at the close of the 16th century; and (4) Ó braonáin of dunkerron, who were followers of o'sullivan more, and are still numerous in kerry. it is almost impossible to distinguish the anglicised forms of this surname from those of Ó branáin, which see. the same anglicised forms were to a great extent common to both; but, generally speaking, Ó branáin is the origin in ulster, and Ó braonáin in the other provinces, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )
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    Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall

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